06.12.2010 Mikrolux' X-MAS 2011 Special CD-Package is now online!

10.12.2010 Mikrolux' X-MAS 2010 Special CD-Package is now online!

11.05.2010 Dutch project 'Quantum Leap' delivers his triple album 'The Lost Tracks - A Retrospective Album Trilogy'

31.10.2008 The new Jonson longplayer 'Mindlook' is released today on CD.

24.10.2008 üNN delivers three fat remixes incl. Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix on his 'Exit Remixes' 12inch.

03.09.2008 Right in time for his 20th anniversary as a musician, üNN release the longawaited new album 'Exit'.

09.07.2007 Mikrolux is releasing the album 'Algorhythms' of Marcus Schmahl & Gregor Tresher's new project 'Professor Kazkaz'.

23.07.2007 Worm Is Green Remixes are released on DJ-friendly vinyl.

19.03.2007 Finally, Icelanding band Worm Is Green presenting their new double album 'Push Play' on Mikrolux.

16.02.2007 Mikrolux presents their latest signing: Worm Is Green from Iceland come with an EP of their upcoming double-album 'Push Play' which also feature remixes of selected album tracks.

27.11.2006 The new Jonson album 'p_composing' is released. This time, Jonson delivers a more listening and emotional work.

05.10.2006 After his last album 'Magrathea' Jonas Thor Gudmundsson, Mikrolux now presents his 4th longplayer 'Elysium'.

10.07.2006 Mikrolux starts over with the brandnew album of üNN. With his fourth longplayer release 'Silence', Frank Rückert closes the gap between sensual ambient and motor-comprehensible elektro of his previous releases.

12.05.2006 The first new releases will be new albums by üNN, Ruxpin, Quantum Leap and Jonson.

27.04.2006 Mikrolux signes new worldwide exclusive distribution deal with german distributor NEUTON.