üNN _ Exit Remixes _ MKX009 _ 12inch

Just at his double anniversary of twenty years as a musician and ten years as producer of üNN, Frank Rückert releases his fifth album „Exit“, enthusing both ambient and music lovers. On this remix collection, three acts have chosen three special sound pearls from the distant „Exit“ world and reworked them in their very own style.
Terry Lee Brown Junior not only familiar to the Frankfurt label Elektrolux/Mikrolux as internationally well-known and one of the most respected House artists ever but as experimental producer and remixer as well, opens the album with „Love Me“. His easy going but yet emphatic House beats, combined with warm spheres and Balearic-like percussions, add so much emotion to the sensual vocals of „Love Me“ that you just cannot resist.
Frankfurt newcomer L.exx Aurel who signed a Harthouse contract in December and often rocks the Frankfurt U60311 club with his friends, is the next remixer featured on the album. Framed by the oldschool masterpieces mentioned above, he provides a minimally grooving, tech-house inspired interpretation of „The Hidden Note“ which is more than convincing with ist hypnotic beats and straight melody lines.
As pioneers regarding a different kind of electronic music, the albums features Gabriel Le Mar and Elektrolux founder Alex Azary with their latest Chill out project Subsonic Park. With wafting spheres and dazzling sound effects, they attend to the very smooth album highlight „Escape The Time“.
In spite of using the precious vocals by La Gonzesse rather sparingly, they manage to keep the soul of the track using technoid spheres and dubby grooves in a unique manner.

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Tracks Vinyl:

A. Love Me (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)
B1. The Hidden Note (L.exx Aurel Remix)
B2. Escape The Time (Subsonic Park Remix)