Króm _ It All Makes Sense Now / Remixes _ MKX005 _ 12inch

Shortly before the release of their first album „It All Makes Sense Now“, the two producers of Króm, Andrew Lord and Úlfar Thordarson, release their debut 12inch on Mikrolux. At first, Lord/Thordarson present one of the more clubby tracks of their great album “Cowtipping“ and with „Clarity“ they even add an exclusive bonus track to this remix collection. A bit more smoothly we see label mate Jonas Thor Gudmundsson aka Ruxpin in his remix, almost lovingly taking on on the atmosphere of the original track, cautiously blending it with his unique „Ruxpin treatment“. Very strong as well is the Sniper Mode remix of „Painting Textures“ which skillfully interpretates the motifs of the original in his very own style. A convincing new release, congratulations!

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A1. Cowtipping
A2. Bubbleblow (Ruxpin Remix)
B1. Painting Textures (Sniper Mode Remix)
B2. Clarity