üNN _ Electronic Music Remixes _ MKX004 _ 12inch

With this fine collection of brandnew remixes, the very successful üNN project is taking its place within the growing roster of Mikrolux artists. For his third single output after the highly acclaimed 'Make Me Listen’ and 'Three Pilots/This Time Tomorrow’ releases, Frank Rückert took the opportunity to invite some of his most infamous colleagues to re-work selected pieces of his 'Electronic Music’ longplayer.
The likes of Guardner, Sniper Mode and Stereofreund didn’t hesitate for a minute to participate in this project – which is even topped by a new interpretation ('Life’) by Rückert himself. Each of the three remixes shows maximum respect for the perfectly produced and highly performing ÜNN originals – yet you find a blueprint of the artists’ very personal styles in every single one of the three re-interpretations. Especially Gregor Trescher aka Sniper Mode manages to underline his outstanding talent of blending highly infective elektro funk with seductive romanticism and unique atmospheres on a sublime energy level. But it is the supreme quality and stylistic variety of all remixes that makes this collection what it is: a rare jewel that you simply need to have!

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Tracks CD:

A1. Life (üNN Remix)
A2. Pictures (Guardner Remix)
B1. Reality (Sniper Mode Remix)
B2. Starlight (Stereofreund Remix)