Drøn _ Eve Shore`s _ MKX002 _ 12inch _

After the great success of Mikrolux’s first 12“ by Anthony Rother it is now up to the enigmatic Drøn trio to grace the new label with an amazing 4 tracker. Frederik Dahlke, Christoph Abert and Ingo Zobel have checked in with with another superb outing that offers their well-known spacious and boundary bending Drøn sound. „Eve Shore’s“ is a beautiful, hypnotizing and straight forward floating techhouse adventure that is sure to touch your heart and put you in a trance. The dreamy downbeat affair entitled „Planear“ is a delicious piece of submersive mood music that shows an even deeper side to the trio’s sound, while the outrageous, bassline-driven „Atom 312“ becomes engulfed by underlying atmospherics. Finally we have a highly energetic electro interpretation of „Plateau“ by üNN, who adds a twisted and dark flavour to the original with its robotic vocals and quirky chords. An EP that will soothe your ear as well as giving the DJs pressure on the decks. Once again the Drøn crew shows why they’re making some of the most original and inspired music on the scene at the moment. Sophisticated electronic dance music at its best!

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Tracks Vinyl:

A1 Eve shores
A2 Planear
B1 Plateau (üNN remix)
B2 Atom 312