MAS 2008


The heads behind MAS 2008 (René Kirchner & Ive Müller) are also known from projects like Electronic Corporation and h.e.i.m.elektronik (also Ive and René).
In short words:
∑ Agents in Mission since 1995 in different projects
∑ Style: Detroit Techno, Detroit Technobass, 80ies Wave and EBM influenced Electro
∑ Influences: Front 242, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Keith Tucker, UR and Detroit Electro/Techno

Playing live for René and Ive means no hardisk, no computer, no cd or dat on stage. Since 1999 their concept of making a livegig, as alive, as an electro act like them could be, is doing a midi-realtime-setup having nearly all their gear on stage. They are doing a whole new mixdown of their prepared electro and techno tracks on stage, influenced by the audience of the club. Each gig is not over before 1,5 hours improving their 808 and 909 as seen in their videoclip “step into the parallel”.


12" Vinyl "Spacelab" released under the name AERODYNAMIX - Electrocord, Köln, 1997
12" Vinyl "Battlefields In Space" - Dodge, Bochum, 1997
12" Vinyl "Mad In Germany" - Twilight 76, Detroit, 1998
12" Vinyl "Conterminated Material" - Twilight 76, Detroit, 1999
12" Vinyl "Telephoneline" - Electrocord, Koln, 1997
12" Vinyl "Grand Puh Bahs" Sampler - Throw Records, Detroit, 2000
12" Vinyl "Robotek EP" - Subkrauts, Waltrop, 1998
CD-Album "Metamorphosis" - Dodge, Bochum, 2000
CD-Album "De-cyphered music" - Elektrolux, FFM, 2000
12" Vinyl "Agents In Mission" - Elektrolux, FFM, 2001
CD-Album “Punished By Machines” – Mikrolux, FFM, 2002